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Helping parents integrate therapy into

the home is central to our practice.


Parent and caregiver observations are strongly encouraged to assist in learning and applying the therapeutic interventions used each session.

Our clinic is designed with

observation windows

in all treatment rooms.


Our parents smile in pride watching their child jump for the first time, climb a ladder independently and write the letters of his name correctly.  

We love to share these
pivotal moments
with you.


We are located in the heart of Sandy Springs/Dunwoody.

Our office space is warm and home-like to help our children and families feel most comfortable. A quiet and calm environment is ideal for children who are experiencing challenges.


Siblings enjoy the inviting toys in our cheerful waiting area.

Our treatment rooms

are complete with state of the art equipment to appropriately treat and challenge our children’s development.


Our large gym area is equipped with a zipline, large foam pit, swings, climbing toys and scooter ramp.  Our smaller gym is designed to be simple and easy to navigate so not to overwhelm children who need to work in a more intimate space.


The kitchen is designed for feeding therapy and messy play for tactile exploration.  


Small social skills groups are held in
a separate
play area complete with toys
that encourage imaginative play and collaborative exploration.

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